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While it isn’t necessary to have a leather portfolio or file keeper, you can be good if you’re searching for a trendy complement to your bag range. Find it a little like a slanting counterpart to a shortcase, wearing a little more than a courier. Here are a couple of reasons.


If you only have a few documents to hold to keep safe, a leather wallet is the perfect choice. In this situation, I often find myself and even though I’m able to easily pick up my case or messenger bag, I always feel it is overcast for a small shop if I know that I’m not going to need anything else, like my computer, chargers and so on. And while its uses may seem minimal, do not forget forms of optimizing the benefits of it— mine fits like a glove on my 13′′ Macbook Air.


A collection of leather is versatile, adaptable to a variety of styles, too. When worn with a jacket, it will always fit great for business but really looks like an accent to allow you boot a casual dress. See here and here, mixed with a few casual views.


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